ROSA Bracelet - Goldplated Sterling Silver (925s)

1200 DKK

ROSA is a style very special to me, as it is inspired by a childhood memory. 

ROSA was an Australian Eastern Rosella. A female parekeet of the species Platycercus Eximius. 

When I was a child my dad kept parakeets in huge cages in our garden. Every summer Rosa and her mate Emil would become parents of up to 5 little baby-parrots. I would help my dad take care of them. 

As Rosa is seen through the eyes of my childhood I designed her as from my memory, playful and curiously observing the world. 

My dad taught me to take care of nature and all living beings, which I treasure every day.

ROSA measures 5 x 2 cm (2,8 x 0.8 inches) from top to bottom and has a slight bend which allows it to sit smoothly around your wrist.

ROSA bracelet is handmade out of gold plated Sterling Silver (925s) and is made to order. Let me know what length you want the bracelet in, and please allow up to 5 days for me to make your new favourite bracelet :-)